“We want to empower our trusted community of freelancers and clients to learn and collaborate whilst delivering the best GRC consulting outcomes.”

Lionel Hackett, Founder

  • WiseCrowd

    Why we are different?

    WiseCrowd combines the efficiencies of an online platform with specialist knowledge of the GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) industry to connect business clients with freelance consultants in order to fulfil clients' project or consulting requirements in a timely, transparent and cost-effective manner. Concurrently, consultants benefit from an easy-to-use, fast and accessible platform in addition to joining a trusted GRC professionals’ community.

  • WiseCrowd

    How do we work?

    The WiseCrowd platform is powered by a proprietary algorithm to match freelance consultants with the exact skills, experience, location and availability required to deliver effective solutions to businesses and organisations across the world. By matching optimal professional profiles and presenting real client reviews, the platform is able to significantly reduce the turnaround time for engagement whilst providing honest client feedback.

  • WiseCrowd

    Our story began....

    WiseCrowd transpired after our founder experienced many challenges in finding the right GRC freelance job, which was often a laborious, inefficient and expensive process. Similarly, on seeing how clients suffered delays, inefficiencies and high costs to source the right GRC experts, WiseCrowd was conceived to solve these issues by developing an alternative, user-friendly online marketplace.


Why should you join us?

  • 1.

    WiseCrowd is a unique, alternative GRC networking and consulting platform that has changed how we work.

  • 2.

    WiseCrowd combines the efficiencies of an online platform with specialist knowledge of the GRC industry. By joining you will become a member of a global GRC community.

  • 3.

    Our users benefit from an easy-to-use, fast and accessible platform for finding or posting jobs.


Our values stand for who we are

  • WiseCrowd


    We want all members of the WiseCrowd community to be trusted and to trust each other. Trust is built upon by curating and vetting our users through our robust referral network.

  • WiseCrowd


    We want to be recognised as GRC knowledge experts. We have the best GRC freelance talent with the skills required to deliver quality consulting to our clients. Our slogan “Connected Minds. Infinite potential” represents our vision that a collaborative and knowledgeable community will deliver the best results.

  • WiseCrowd


    We believe that technical innovation and the drive to always improve on the status quo will deliver the best user experience on our platform and optimise the outcome for all clients, freelancers and partners.

  • WiseCrowd


    We want our team and community to always have the curiosity to learn from the people around us and by taking on new challenges.


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