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Four top tips from company directors when forming limited companies

Running your own company is hugely rewarding, seeing it grow from strength to strength gives an enormous sense of pride. For many though the thought of setting up a limited company is daunting.

We have scoured the Internet to find you the best advice from company directors, on what to take into consideration when forming a limited company.

1. Find a good accountant

Our research has shown that the top piece of advice we cam

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Webinar - Compliance, Regulation and Risk: a startup perspective

Watch the replay from our webinar held on 15 March where we discussed startup perspectives on Compliance, Regulation and Risk.


It is not easy launching a startup business in fintech! Increasing regulations and compliance requirements add to the challenges of running and gro

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Freelancers: choose the right name for your Limited Company

Forming your own limited company is the start of an exciting journey as you are stepping out and building your own business. Creating an identity for that business is important for its success.

Just as your own name is integral to your own identity, the name you choose for your limited company is integral to letting people know what it is and what service(s) it offers.

This article looks at what you need to consider when choosing a name for your limited company.

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